The Best Maple Wood Cutting Board for Every Kitchen.

Cutting boards referred to as maple cutting board are created from the wood of the maple tree. Maple wood is renowned by users for the cutting boards’ durability, toughness and hardiness which make it the best option for such an application.

 These types of boards have a smooth surface and closely spaced grain which prevents most deep knife marks and stop bacteria entering into the surface of the board.

Many of these professionals including home cooks go for these boards as they have natural antimicrobial qualities. The hardness of maple wood prevents the growth of bacteria; hence, it can be used in food preparation.

 Maple wood is non-porous and it will therefore not pick up flavours or stains from other foods thus assuring you that food will remain fresh and unaltered.

 Proper care for a maple cutting board will make sure that the board survives for several years and serve as the most fashionable place for all your chopping, slicing, and dicing activities.

History of the maple:

Maple cutting boards have been in existence since people started exploiting the hardiness nature of the mapping wood. Cutting boards made of maple, a strong, tightly-grained wood that resists moisture, were therefore ideal.

Different cultural settings and regions in history utilize maple cuttings as food boards. In particular of the sugar maple tree which is in abundance of the North American regions. Maple wood’s tight grain and density made a good surface for cutting, chopping, and preparing food.

Later on, people started realizing that maple was an excellent cutting board alternative. Many professional chefs and regular persons who liked cooking, also found that maple cutting boards were quite durable, and easy to clean.

Since it is highly nonporous and also has antibacterial properties, maple wood was chosen as the best material in safeguarding the food.

Maple cutting boards have remained relevant even in today’s world. It is now a common feature found in kitchens everywhere, ensuring that it forms one of the most dependable chopping blocks which many prefer.

 Best Maple Wood Cutting Board in ‍2023:

These are various kinds of cutting boards for maple wood.

  • Cutting of Maple wood John Bose.
  • Farberware Maple Wood Cutting Board
  • Hickory maple CCCB
  • John Bose block maple wood cutting board


Different colors:

Most maple or cutting boards are usually in their natural light to medium brown color. Some of the manufacturers offer colored or finished maple cutting boards. Such variations could be stained maple boards which appear in a variety of blue colors.

  • yellow
  • tan
  • green
  • and red.

The maple cutting board in various sizes.

Selecting the right size for your kitchen is crucial.

  • Compact boards, like 12×9 inches, are ideal for small kitchens.
  • For big parties or fancy meals, larger boards like 18×12 inches are ideal.
  • Thick boards, 1.5-2 inches, provide strength and longevity, offering a stable surface for cutting without cracking or warping.

 Choose a board that suits your needs and kitchen size.

Use of maple cutting board:

A maple wood cutting board is easy to use but there are few essential rules that can be followed so as to take advantage of this type of board and also have it last long.


It is advisable to season your maple wood cutting board before you can use it with a food-safe mineral oil.

 Spread enough oil everywhere on the board for penetration through the wood. Leave it there for one night then remove the extra oil on the following day. It seals in the wood by shielding it against moist and stain.


Using warm soapy water and a gentle dish detergent clean off your maple wood cutting board after each time you use it.

Shy away from harsh chemicals and abrasive cleaners that ruin the wooden piece you wish to take care of.

 Clean your board gently using a sponge or even a soft brush but make sure you scrap all the food debris. Wash thoroughly with clean water and pat it dry using a clean towel.


Your maple wood cutting board should be oiled at all times to maintain its optimum state. Rub thin coat of a food-grade mineral oil on top of it and leave it over night.

This is to ensure that the wood is constantly replenishing its naturally occurring oil which provides moisture thus preventing the wood from becoming dry and eventually cracking.

Avoid moisture:

Maple wood does not resist high moisture, when it happens. Do not immerse your board in water and do not place it into a dishwasher to avoid this.

On the contrary, clear off any spillage or excess fluids immediately and make sure you dry the panel completely once it has been washed.

How to clean maple Wood cutting board? `

You need to put into consideration proper cleaning of your maple wood cutting boards to keep them clean and hygienic as well as protect their integrity until they cease to exist.

Follow these steps to ensure that your cutting board remains clean and bacteria-free:

Scrape off excess food:

Use a bench scraper or spatula after every use to clean your cutting board by removing any particles of left over food. The board should be free of moisture, which will inhibit the growth of bacteria in it

Wash with warm soapy water:

 Fill a sink or a basin with warm and then add several drops of a gentle dishwashing soap. Place it in soapy water while using a sponge or soft brush to scrub off gently. Be cautious about places that have traces of stains or food remains.


Rinse thoroughly:

Finally wash off the soap in the cutting board using clean water. Rinse thoroughly both sides of the board to disperse remaining detergent.

Sanitize with vinegar:

For further sanitization, mix a one-to-one concentration of water with a white vinegar. Use a clean cloth or sponge dipped in the solution and wipe down evenly the whole cutting board. Vinegar is an organic antiseptic which can clear away the stubborn bacteria residues.

Dry completely:

Wipe, clean and disinfect a clean towel and use it to wipe dry the cutting board. Make sure that it is fully dried on both sides and then store it. Warping and cracking may arise from too much water.

Apply mineral oil:

When the cutting board has dried up, apply a very thin layer of food-safe mineral oil all over its surface. Let it soak over night and wash with any remaining oil the following morning. The moisturization of the wood is carried out by means of this stage, keeping it from becoming desiccated.

What are food safe wood species?

Wood safe species means species that can be used in touching with foods or making kitchen utensil boards and others objects related to foods.

The qualities of these woods make some of them appropriate for use in foods and beverages storage, as they do not transfer any harmful components or flavours.

Maple wood cutting board  oak, beech,  bamboo and walnut being hardwoods are usually viewed as food safe considering that they have less ability of absorbing liquid and so bacteria cannot penetrate into the wood.

Other non-toxic woods such as cherry, tea, and ash are also common options since they do not emit any toxic substances or scent while being exposed to food.

They are naturally resistant of moisture in the woods thus preventing warp and crack and also easy to clean. However, we should always remember that any wooden item used around food needs to be properly maintained in order to guarantee its safety.

It is essential to ensure that the wood remains clean and dry throughout, which will significantly improve durability if done properly. Hence, if you are cooking or presenting some foods on the wooden surface, consider using only food-safe woods in your kitchen.j


Is maple safe for food?

Yes maple wood is safe for food and prefect for every kitchen.

Is Maple better than oak?

Yes maple is hard and strong than oak .it is long lasting wood .but we to need proper care of it.


To wind up with it, choosing a maple wood cutting board is actually an informed selection that will improve you are cooking process as well as increase the beauty of your kitchen. Learn the essence of maple for kitchen beautification through a simple journey in time.

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