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The zebra wood is an amazing material in the world of woodworks and interior designs. Known for its striped pattern that mimics that of a Zebra, the wood has an inherent beauty, which can easily attract anyone’s attention.

 When compared to other woods, its distinctive blend of light golden colour and dark streaks is able to distinguish itself in such a way as to ensure the creation or incorporation of a sophisticated element into any space in particular, like the kitchen.

Understanding Zebra Wood: Origin and Characteristics:

Scientifically referred to as Microberlinia Brazzavillensis, Zebra wood is a native species of West Africa from Gabon and Cameroon. This is a rare wood species that thrives in a narrow belt along the equator of these countries.

The one that stands out when describing Zebra Wood, is its zebra like stripes. The strips are so close that they form bandings – light and dark bands.

Apart from its aesthetic qualities, Zebra Wood is regarded as one of the most sturdy woods which can be used for applications that involve wear and tear like flooring and furniture making.

It normally possesses a wavy or interlocked grain, accompanied by a pronounced texture. On a side note, the distinctive patterns found on each piece of Zebra Wood differ greatly between themselves, and make all items fashioned therefrom absolutely priceless.

What makes zebra wood ideal for cutting boards?

The design of a cutting board for kitchen essentials should always have both functionality and beauty. This is where zebra wood excels. Being a tough material, walnut wood  and Dark wood are good for making cutting boards. It is sharp-knife resistant, will not warp or crack even after many uses provided good care.

Moreover, the striping in zebra wood makes it suitable for decorating as you do in your kitchen. Moreover, a Zebra wood cutting board can serve the same purpose as cutting board and be used as a serving plate as it enhances the look on your table setting.

Furthermore, there is no known antimicrobial activity in wood cutting boards by nature. Compared to plastic cutting boards, these wooden ones are considered safe since they don’t have deep grooves where bacteria can lodge.

Different Types of Zebra Wood Cutting Boards:

Versatility in Zebra Wood is what makes different designs of cutting boards possible. Every one of them has distinct properties as well as benefits they bestow upon people.

One can find various kinds of Zebra wood cutting board such as cut boards in order of grain type end grain, edge grain and one-piece wooden cutting board.

Here is detail:

Zebra Wood End-Grain Cutting boards:

As far as wooden cutting boards go, end grain cutting boards are called creme de la These types of fences are made from several wooden blocks where the end grains point towards the skywards direction.

The knife penetrates in the spaces between the wood fiber without destroying each individual fibre thus minimizing dulling of your blades hence healing itself.

Beautiful mosaic of end grain Zebra Wood’s wood stripes makes this cutting board unique as well durable. In addition, they are often thicker and stronger, making them ideal for skilled cooks and chefs.

cutting boards zebra wood edge grain:

Long boards are laid sideways and then butt-joined to produce edge grain cutting boards. It makes for smooth and clean straight lines which emphasize the grain running linearly through the Zebra wood.

The edge grain Zebra Wood boards are also not as strong as the end grain types but they are affordable and weigh less, hence their application suits many people even for daily purposes of cooking food because they also look nice.

These longways strips on these boards give the Zebra Wood an amazing aesthetically appearance.

The single cut zebra wood cutting boards:

As their name implies, single piece Zebra wood cutting board is one, solid piece of zebra wood. The design ensures that the natural beauty and special grain patterns on the wood stand out unaltered.

They are also generally slenderer and lighter compared to edge grain and end grain boards which makes them easier to manipulate.

They can cut well but may not endure heavy duty trimming or cutting operations for a longer period of time.

 Nevertheless, single piece Zebra Wood cutting boards could be great serving trays and beautiful elements in your kitchen while not in use demonstrating the exotic nature of the wood.

Wrapping Up: Choosing the Right ZebraWood Cutting Board for You:

Therefore, selecting the best Zebra wood cutting board is dependent on individual requirements.

  • An end grain Zebra Wood cutting board is the most durable choice for serious chefs or cooks using heavy knives which possess auto-regenerating capacities.
  • A zebra wood trimmed cutting could be perfect for somebody seeking an everyday useful yet beautiful style.
  • For those interested in emphasizing the elegance of a Zebra Wood, a single-piece Zebra wood cutting board might do the job.

Regardless of the product you decide to purchase for your kitchen set, you can be assured that the beautiful finish and feel of zebra wood makes it an ultimate design choice in any scenario.

 You’ve got yourself a lovely piece of functional art whose proper care and maintenance can take it through many years.

Caring for Your ZebraWood Cutting Board:

To keep the zebrawood cutting board beautiful and functional, proper care is necessary.

Here are some tips to help you keep your cutting board in top condition:

 every couple of months, put fresh mineral oil on the board in order to maintain its moisture tightness.

In case your board begins to appear dry and dull, revitalize it using a food safe wood conditioner.

Do not leave the board in water or place it in a dishwasher since it may lead to warping and cracking of the wood.

In case your cutting board has deep scratches or stains on its surface you can sand it down using fine-grit sandpaper and apply fresh layer of mineral oil to renew it surface.

Pros and Cons of Zebra Wood Cutting Boards:

Some of the pros and cons of purchasing this appliance include;


  • A lovely and original striped pattern enhances beauty in an every kitchen.
  • These are durable and last long.
  • Antibacterial by nature, thus an ideal option in food preparation.
  • Soft on knives, preserving their sharpness for a long time.
  • Proper handling would help make it easy to carry and maintain.


  • May sometimes end up being costly than other varieties of cutting panels.
  • It is necessary to carry out regular service to maintain them in good working order.
  • Do not use with hot plates/pans.

Alternatives to Zebra Wood Cutting Boards:

However, if zebra wood cutting boards haven’t convinced you, then rest assured there are other options that promise equivalent benefits. Some popular options include:

Maple wood cutting board:

They are almost identical in their looks to zebra wood also providing a lot of the same advantages such as toughness and kind to knives.

Cherry wood cutting board :

They are also gpod and easily cleaned, though not so good looking  compared to zebral wood surfaces.

Glass cutting boards:

This is because they are easy to clean, but they could be rough on knives and make them blunt very fast.

The Toxicity of Zebra Wood:

There are a number that fall into the category of exotics and Zebra wood is one such type that may lead to allergies in certain people.

 However, these are usually mild reactions like skin irritations, eye irritations, and breathing problems. Nonetheless, the said reactions take place while sawing wood and production of dust.

They are much less probably happening during after wooden processing and its use.

However, it is advisable that you be extremely careful while dealing with any exotic wood especially if you are allergic.

Is Zebra Wood Waterproof?

Although it is not water proof itself, Zebra wood has a naturally dense grain structure that provides it with an inherent level of water resistance.

 Although wood damage may occur if its left soaking or remains in contact with the water for too long.

For a better water resistant, Zebra Wood cutting boards are usually finished or sealed with food-grade finishes and oils.

These products will ensure regular moistening of the wood in order to form an anti-water barrier thus preventing possible damages as a result of water intake into the material.

Will Zebra Wood Stain and Odor Resistance?

Due to its dense grain and hard surface, zebra wood tends to be rather stain-resistant and odorless. This type of wood does not absorb liquids like softwoods hence no stains.

 Nevertheless, one should immediately wipe off any spillages to avoid the discoloration.

Wood also repulses odors better when compared with the common cutting-board materials like plastic. However, certain foods with a strong odor such as garlic or onion might produce only a short smell. To maintain a fresh Zebra Wood cutting board, you must clean and maintain it regularly.


Is zebra wood good?

YesZebra wood  constitutes a good quality hardwood that possesses quite an unusual but interesting grain design.

Is zebra wood an endangered animal?

The zebra wood is not treated as an endangered species.

Does zebra wood require special


Yes Zebra wood has to be cleaned regularly and once in a while it should be treated with wood oil or sealant.


Zebra wood cutting board is a very good choice, for those in love with cooking/hospitality. These add beauty as well as other advantages like durability, softness for the knife and naturally anti-bacterial.

 Proper care should enable you utilize that zebra wood cutting board into several years and bring some style to your kitchen. Regardless of whether you decide to buy or even make it yourself, this zebra wood cutting board will be invaluable to your kitchen.

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